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For your Business Voice & Data needs, IDeACOM will be your telecom consultant and will recommend the products and services that best fit your business.   We will install and project manage your services at NO COST! 

Below are our telecommunications vendors:  


AireSpring is best known as a low-cost SIP carrier, providing competitive long distance and local services delivered over IP facilities they own. They also provide cost-competitive Internet and MPLS services.

Bottom line: Low-cost LD, usually delivered via SIP and DIA (Dedicated Internet Access).




Today, AltaWorx boasts one of the nation’s largest full-featured global VoIP networks, serving more than 10,000 SMBs and Enterprise customers with broadband, SIP Trunking, premise-based solutions, virtual PBX provisioning, secure Internet presence and award winning cloud-based Hosted Communications solutions. The combined nationwide business VoIP and MPLS enabled network enhances our quality of service (QOS) and currently transports more than 20 billion minutes of voice and data traffic annually.

Bottom line: Simply put, SIP trunks with 100% uptime and Sansay-based hosted VoIP Provider.


The AT&T network includes extensive wireless and wired access capabilities, as well as one of the world's most advanced and powerful IP backbones. The AT&T global backbone network carries 28.9 petabytes of data traffic on an average business day.

Bottom line:  It's at&t.  That's it.


Birch Communcattions is the nation's largest wholesaler of at&t POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) and DSL.  When your business requirements need POTS lines and you want an alternative from at&t, Birch is your company.

Bottom line:  at&t Wholesaler at a discount.


Comcast is the largest cable operator in the US and the 3rd largest phone provider. Their network is the largest single converged voice and data network on the planet, with over 599,000 plant route miles and 147,000 fiber route miles. They service 39 states and 18 of the top 20 markets in the US. They're also one of the only cable providers to offer SLAs on their commercial services.

Bottom line: The biggest cable provider with a sophisticated business offering.


Earthlink is a long-standing residential brand that decided several years ago to expand into the business market by acquiring Deltacom, NewEdge Networks, One Communications, STS Communications, and a number of managed service providers. They offer a variety of IP-based services as well as some legacy services from their acquisitions.

Bottom line: Sophisticated service provider that's devoted to a more technical offering.


Mediacom Communications is the nation's eighth largest cable television company and one of the leading cable operators focused on serving the smaller cities in the United States, with a significant concentration in the Midwestern and Southeastern regions.

Bottom line: Cable provider with high bandwidth offerings that are aggressively priced.

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Southern Light is the Gulf Coast’s leading provider of fiber optic networks and high-capacity transport solutions. Delivering affordable, high-bandwidth services over our wholly-owned fiber optic network, Southern Light keeps your business connected to a network that is far from regular.

Bottom Line:  Southern Light is a local company providing over 3,300 miles of Fiber.


Windstream is one of the largest CLECs in the nation, the combination of Nuvox, Paetec, and the legacy Windstream ILEC. Besides standard CLEC services, Windstream has a growing network of collocation facilities and a sophisticated suite of cloud services.

Bottom line: Large CLEC with a robust portfolio of services.


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