IDeACOM of the Gulf Coast, Inc. provides Situational Awareness solutions with expertise in vertical markets such as senior housing, healthcare, education and government. The Situational Awareness and Response Assistant (SARA) is an automated alerting system and awareness engine that sends voice and text alerts via phone, email, etc. SARA provides a wireless sensor network, integration tools (to existing systems and devices) and broadcast communication in a single solution. Our mission is to keep people informed. Our solutions include SARA (Situational Awareness and Response Assistant), an automated alerting engine, CATIE (Communication and Access to Information Everywhere), a multimedia application for two-way communication and self-service, and MIMI (Motion into Meaningful Information) powered by AFrame Digital, a mobile health-monitoring system. With IDeACOM's unique applications, key individuals, select groups or entire populations can be made aware of any situation occurring in a single facility or across an entire enterprise to mitigate risk. Customers rely on us to help them save lives and property, protect business continuity, and prevent loss of convenience.