IDeACOM's Intercom solution - The Teradon Raptor is the most advanced communication system in its class!

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The Raptor V system features are delivered on a single server making it easy to install, use, and manage. More importantly, it provides your school with the most complete and cost effective communication system available today.

Computer - Teradon Raptor V system is built on industry standard computers with Microsoft Windows, thus offering a low total cost of ownership.

Pricing - In order to address the unique needs of schools, Teradon Raptor V systems are modular in design. This flexibility allows schools to purchase just what is needed, thereby making it easy to meet your distinct budget requirements.

Growing with your school - Raptor V system will grow as your needs grows. Gone are the days of replacing your communication system when the
maximum number of extensions has been reached.  With the Teradon Raptor V, you can continue to add communication system resources as your school
demands increase, including powerful multi-site, remote site, and distributed office capabilities.

Protecting your Investment - Proprietary hardware-based communication systems (which most systems still are today, including many VoIP phone systems) depreciate over time. The key advantage of Teradon's Raptor V system is that the features are predominately software-based. Not only is
your investment protected, your Teradon system will actually appreciate over time with new and improved functionality, provided in software upgrades.

Teradon VoIP Phones - Bringing stylish form and functionality to the desktop, Teradon VoIP phones make sophisticated features simple and intuitive to use. Users have single button access to voicemail, activity/presence selection, and voicemail greeting selections, call recording, call conferencing, and call transferring. Phone displays are capable of displaying time, Caller ID name and number, real-time call center workgroup statistics and
do-not-disturb and call forwarding status.

Audio Conference Bridge - Teradon's VoIP Audio Conference Bridge delivers a nextgeneration communication conference solution with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that pays for itself through the elimination of expensive communication services. Paging, intercom, and bells come
as an integral part of the system.

Bells and Announcements -With support for an unlimited amount of speakers, Teradon's intuitive interface makes it easy to schedule bells, make announcements, and communicate to speakers.

Auto Attendant - Teradon's Auto Attendant answers and routes calls the way you want - 24 Hours a day, 365 days a year - without the intervention of a live operator. Auto Attendant provides a powerful, yet easy to use voice prompted menus for call handling and information collection.

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