IDeACOM of the Gulf Coast, Inc. offers four (4) IT Service programs for small & medium businesses along the Gulf Coast.


A critical component of any managed services plan is having the right mix of services. Business requirements, maturity, and financial situation can all influence the type of solution that is a “best fit” for your business. Being prepared with multiple service offerings will ensure that IDeACOM can tailor a solution that will meet the needs of our cusotmers.

1) Fully Managed IT Services

Fully outsourced solutions, designed to fulfill an organizations entire IT requirements.

2) Proactive IT Services

Management plan designed to support key IT systems. Delivers value through operational reliability and preventing issues.

3) Essential IT Support

Billable hourly support, augmented by leveraging IDeACOM's Essential licenses.

4) À la carte Services

Individual IT services that target a specific need, allowing the client to select the services they require.

An hourly rate incentivizes the IT consultant to bill as many hours as possible, and as a result of the known character of human behavior, the client is likely to pay more than they should.  In general, you should never reward bad behavior, and hourly billing does just that.  You shouldn’t reward the existence of problems.

A fully managed program combines a suite of services combined into a single package that supports all a client’s IT needs. Typically, a fully managed program includes remote monitoring, preventative maintenance, device optimization, and other services that reduce the negative business impact of technology failures by minimizing both their occurrences and duration resulting in a highly reliable and stable customer network.

The key characteristic of a fully managed solution is that it typically includes all network, end-user & emergency support, delivering a total IT solution for a fixed monthly price. Usually the only exclusions are hardware, upgrades & new projects.

A full managed solution delivers value through operational reliability, reduced business impact, and aligned IT & business goals.  A flat monthly fee for IT support agreement means that your business can budget IT expenses for the entire year, and eliminate the possibility of unforeseen expenses of a large magnitude.


A proactive program combines a suite of services into a single package that supports a client’s IT needs. Typically, a proactive program includes remote monitoring, preventative maintenance, and other services that reduce the negative business impact of technology failures. By minimizing both the occurrences and duration of failures, your customer will benefit from a reliable and stable network.

A proactive program is limited in that the scope does not extend to remediation, but strictly maintenance and management tasks. BY having a proactively managined program our customers will get better value of out of the technology, and reduce the negative impact on their business caused by IT failures.

For customers that are still being serviced in a “Break/Fix” or reactive type of model, the IDeACOM Essential license provides an opportunity to deliver remote support, gather critical asset information, and perform basic monitoring, without having to secure a monthly contract. This program allows us to:
  • Build a fence around your computing infrastructure
  • Manage the Projects: Reporting drives T&M and project revenue
  • Drive Efficiency
  • Simplify Support with New Direct Connect: Fast, reliable, cost effective, and centralized
  • Stay Noticed: On every machine with sys tray icons and provide faster support
  • Be Your Trusted Advisor: Reporting so we can align IT with the your business

We can offer services on an hourly basis.

Rates are as follows:
Business hours – Monday – Friday – 9AM – 5PM – $100/hour
All other times – $150/hour

Since we highly recommend the Fully or Proactively Managed programs, we adhere to the following policy:

If we cannot solve a particular IT problem, you do not pay for the associated labor time.

An "À la carte" offering allows our customers to select individual services that meet thir specific needs. We work you to determine your needs and determine what services meet those needs while making sense for your business. 

Contact us and set up an appointment for a site survey to find out which program best fits your businesses IT needs!

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